April 25, 2017

A Day to Celebrate Mom In Comfort

We love our moms so much and always look for ways to make them happy. This Mother’s Day, introduce her to the wonderful world of Ja-Vie flats!

Let’s face it, gals: Motherhood is just another word for running. We run to pick up the kids from piano practice, then run home and fix dinner, just in time to run back to soccer practice. The next day we run them to school, so we can run to work then run back home to fix dinner! Aren’t your feet getting sore just thinking about it all?

The super-comfy construction of Ja-Vie flats cushions your feet in a cloud of comfort, no matter what you’re doing. There’s a style to suit every mother’s need, whether she’s a new mom, experienced mom, or a grand-mom. Here are a few of our suggestions:

New Mom: Our cuddly Black and White Baby Dot Flats or our mood-boosting Daisy Flats with their perky flowers, would be the perfect addition to every new mom's wardrobe. We know exactly how it feels to need a pick-me-up while running errands on such little sleep!

Busy Mom: For moms with a little ones who keep them running, our go-anywhere Indigo Stripe Flats are the perfect throw on with jeans, as are one of our newest must-haves, the Denim Tropical Flats.

Yoga/Fitness Mom: Suppose Mom is into yoga or tai-chi. Our Santa Fe or Desert Stripe Flats will fill the bill.

Nature Mom: Our fashionable Compression Socks will help with swelling and keep her legs protected while running or hiking outdoors.

Cool Mom: The Camouflage Flats are for the super cool, street-style moms or those modern "country" gals! Cool fashion trendy moms will also LOVE the Tropical Flats- a bright fun addition to the Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Grand-Mom: If your mother is a granny, help her kick the stereotype of that age group with Ja-Vie’s that tell the world she’s arrived. For this, try the True Red Flats or the brand new Havana Flats.

Every Mom: If it’s just too hard to select from among all our luscious styles, give Mom a Ja-Vie gift card and let her go wild, selecting her own favorites.


***Remember, if you want your super Ja-Vie surprise in time for the big day, you MUST order by May 5th to ensure it arrives in time.***

Navy is Nautical!

Navy and white have been making headlines all season long, and our NEW Ja-Vie styles fall perfectly into this fashionable trend! This iconic color scheme looks good on everyone and says... “Take me on a boat!” This week, we put together a few cute spring outfits that you can wear anywhere, floating or not.

The new Navy Ruffle Ja-Vie flat has just the right amount of class and fun to be flexible enough for day and night. Crisp navy and white can be worn as a casual spring outfit to brunch, or dress in navy silk stripes for a trendy, glamorous night out with your guy! This ruffle design, (one of our top sellers in Black), was requested in Navy by so many Ja-Vie gals, that we were happy to deliver it! It’s the perfect basic, with a fun twist!

The new Denim Tropical Ja-Vie flat is another “on-trend” design that we couldn’t resist. This jelly shoe design is designed with comfort in mind! They look so chic with an all-white outfit, or with your favorite white or denim jeans. You’ll have everyone asking where they’re from and trust us - you’ll love how they make your feet feel! Looking good and feeling good = the ideal shoe for every woman!

Although our Anchors Away style has been in the line for a while, we wanted to remind you just how perfect these shoes are for Spring. The nautical jelly flats are trendy on and off shore, adding so much fun to your wardrobe. We’re loving the nautical designs in many collections this season, especially Tommy Hilfiger’s classic red, white and navy pieces and the new Victoria Beckham for Target collection!

March 24, 2017

The History & Benefits of Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes, also known as jellies, have been around since the late 40s. The exact origin is somewhat debated. Many people believe that a shoe maker in France designed the first pair of Jelly shoes shortly after World War II, when there was a shortage of leather in Europe. They were introduced to the US in 1983 when a buyer at Bloomingdale’s placed an order to bring jelly shoes to their fashionable customers.

Jelly shoes are not only a way to show your fun, fashionable side, but there are a ton of practical reasons to wear them too!

  • Easy Care: Jelly shoes are the easiest shoes to clean. Wipe with a damp cloth and your shoes are as good as new!
  • Easy Wearing: The fun, one piece design allows for a quick shoe switch, or the perfect “run out the door” shoe!
  • Flexible Lightweight Design: The dynamic flexibility of jelly shoes make them very slip resistant, and a great shoe for rainy days! The lightweight design will keep you quick on your feet, while staying comfortable all day long.


Ja-Vie flats are the updated, chic version of original jelly shoes. They have the same practical reasons as the originals, but with over 60 stylish designs and far more benefits:

  • Knit Lining : Our 100% soft, breathable cotton knit lining in every pair of Ja-Vie shoes is the key to a blister-free fit.
  • Machine Washable: After removing the leather insoles, toss your stylish Ja-Vies in the wash to get them squeaky clean!
  • Leather Insoles: Ja-Vie leather insoles are pillows for your feet. With an endless amount of benefits, you’ll never want to take off your Ja-Vie jelly flats. OH AND... you can now have the comfort of Ja-Vie in every shoe with our replacement insoles

Ja-Vie's Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Spring has sprung (or will, next Monday), and Ja-Vie has the latest 2017 Spring Fashion Trends for you! If Spring’s your thing, then we know you're excited to put on your favorite comfortable shoes to pair with these trendy must-haves. Below are 3 of our favorite trends, straight from the runways, and how you can achieve each look while staying comfortable and fashionable!

1) Stripes For Days

spring trends stripes

Stripes are for the gal who knows which way is up (or down, or diagonal). Whether you go with skinny stripes or bold slashes, they all make a statement. Our sassy Metallic Stripe flats, or the Santa Fe, Indigo, Desert or Fiesta Stripe styles, will not only go perfectly with this season’s hottest new look, but you'll also be comfortable whether you choose to wear these all day long, or just for your work commute. And, if you haven't heard yet, we have matching compression socks for our Desert Stripe and Fiesta Stripe Ja-Vie’s, a comfortable and discreet option to wear with any shoe! For the most daring among you, check out our Navy/ Pink Stripe flats, on sale for $39 until Saturday!


2) Cool Khaki

khaki spring trends

Khaki can be muted, and although a practical material, it can come across as boring. Our Camel Leopard flats will make sure your outfit isn’t too bland, and they add just the right amount of POP to any ensemble. Our Ja-Vie Black Cap/Nude Beige flatsShimmering Gold option, or our gorgeous Sand/Charcoal Snake-Print style will help to bring this trend into a wide range of outfits, from jeans to work attire, ensuring comfort and fashion.


3) Hello Yellow

yellow spring trends

What says Spring Fashion better than yellow? Ja-Vie’s Pastel Stripe are beyond perfect for your Easter or Passover celebrations. You'll be able to chase the kiddos all day long while they hunt for eggs, blister-free! This spring style flat is on sale for $39 today and tomorrow only + you get FREE shipping! Of course, our favorite Ja-Vie style to pair with this season’s hottest color is Daisy: flirty little daisies on a field of black (so the flowers stand out better), with bits of yellow in the center of each flower.


If you absolutely must be in tune with the newest runway fashions, then you must-must-must have the latest, cutest, freshest Ja-Vie’s to go with!

February 24, 2017

Three Cheers for Our Dog-Loving Contest Winners!

Don’t we just adore our loyal little doggies? Oh, yeah! And don’t we just love-love-love walking them in our ultra-comfy, puddle-proof Ja-Vie’s? You bet we do! And all you great Ja-Vie Gals (and super guys) proved that with your terrific entries in our #JaVieWalksTheDog Contest.

To remind all of our fans, as well as all of you who are new to Ja-Vie, we recently held a contest asking readers to submit pictures of their pups and tell us why Ja-Vie’s are not only great for walking your dog, but are also absolutely necessary for everyday life: because of their darling styles, outstanding comfort, easy (washable) care, and rain resistance. And, not incidentally, the contest was our way to introduce our soon-to-be-available, totally awesome design feature: personalized photos on your very own custom-made Ja-Vie’s!

Our readers voted on which entries they considered to be the cutest little darlings (really hard choices!). As far as we’re concerned, anyone who is owned by a furry friend is already a winner, but here are the champs as selected by our readers. Each winner gets a custom-made pair of our super-comfy Ja-Vie’s with their dog’s picture on the shoes. And they have promised to share photos of their custom-made shoes the instant they receive them. So watch this space!

And now, without further ado, here are the lucky winners and their dogs.

Linda Pittman’s tiny toy poodle Bella just loves everyone, and Linda walks her by a small lake near her house, wearing—of course—her Ja-Vie’s. She says they’re super-cute and comfy, no doubt because of their arch, heel, and ball support. She would know, because as a teacher, she’s on her feet all day and loves how her feet don’t get tired with her Ja-Vie’s.


Barb Dodge Dixon’s Jack Russell mix Georgie is an excellent watch dog and is very protective of his little people. Barb doesn’t yet own a pair of Ja-Vie’s, but is so excited to be receiving her pair, and plans to wear them to work. Boy, is she in for a treat!


Abraham Liandro’s golden retriever Max can stay, shake hands and sit. Good dog! Abraham plans to give his custom-made Ja-Vie’s to his sister (featured in this adorable picture), so she can walk Max in the park and the woods. She already owns several pair, and simply raves about how comfy they are, because they relieve pressure and impact on your feet while you walk.


This is Lucy. Melissa Cripe and her family adopted Lucy from a local animal shelter and she has changed their lives!  She is thought to be a German Shepherd mix and is about a year and a half years old. They love to take walks together and snuggle in for the night. Lucy loves to tear the stuffing out of any plush toy she finds. She can also be found on the trampoline with Melissa's kids. They often wonder, who rescued who?



Thanks to all for your entries and your votes!


Make sure to check out over 60 styles of Ja-Vie's on our site and keep an eye out for the newest styles coming next month! 





February 09, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s All About the Evening

Once you’ve found your soul mate, you need to find your sole mate. And gals, Ja-Vie’s are your one and only!

Imagine: It’s Valentine’s Day, you’ve been working your heart out all day, really trying to keep your mind on office stuff. Of course, you have skipped around the office in total comfort because you’ve got on your favorite pair of Ja-Vie’s.

But where are your thoughts? On tonight. Mmmm. He’s going to pick you up and take you . . . where? He won’t say. It’s a surprise. Not to worry! Ja-Vie’s are renowned not only for complete comfort but for their sophisticated styling. For day-to-night transition, how about a pair of black-and-white lace flats? Featured in our $39 Lace-Is-Love Valentine’s Day special, shipping in the U.S. is free through February 15. Love that word-- Free! 

Honest, Ja-Vie’s go either way, and nobody at work will suspect you’re not the totally efficient career gal making decisions and closing deals. When the five-o’clock whistle blows, just slip off your fitted jacket to reveal the cute cami underneath, add a string of pearls or a shimmering gold choker and you’re good to go!

For wear-anywhere versatility, there’s nothing like Ja-Vie to pamper your tired tootsies and keep you dancing all night.

But just suppose—gasp!—there’s no hot fella waiting to whisk you away for an evening of frolicking. No problem! Whether you’ve planned a night out with your gal pals or just a quiet evening with movies, popcorn and your favorite cat, Ja-Vie’s have you covered. With the comfort of a bedroom slipper, it’ll still feel like a special night—at least to your feet! And you must-must-must jump on our $39 Lace-Is-Love Valentine’s Day special before the free shipping offer expires on February 15.

January 26, 2017

Dogs › Fashion › Pets ›

Ja-Vie Walks The Dog

It’s no secret by now that we are huge fans of anything covered in fur over here at Ja-Vie! I’m a huge animal lover & judging from our latest #JavieWalksTheDog Contest, you gals are too! We absolutely loved seeing all of your furry friends from near and far. As our contest has come to a close, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite features of Ja-Vie Flats that make them the best shoes to walk your dog in!


Rain or shine, when Fido’s gotta go, he’s gotta go! Instead of having to check the weather channel before you take your pup outside, just put a pair of Ja-Vie’s by the door and you’ll be ready to ‘weather’ any weather. Ja-Vie’s have a jelly outsole that makes them puddle proof.


We all know what comes along with owning a pet.. and we all have stepped in it once or twice, right?! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not ruin a pair of shoes over it. Ja-Vie’s are machine washable so you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!


This one goes without saying – this is what Ja-Vie is known for! The comfort factor is almost unbelievable. With arch, heel and ball support, you’ll feel like you’re walking your furry friend on Cloud 9. Not to mention you won’t come home with any blisters!


With tons of patterns and colors to choose from, it’s easy to look put together even when you’re just letting the dog out. Ja-Vie’s also match just about everything and can be dressed up or down. So if you’re still in your PJ’s or getting ready to leave for a day at the office, they’ve got you covered.


Along with all of the other features listed above, Ja-Vie’s also relieve pressure and soreness put on your feet while walking. They also absorb the impact. With that being said, you can take your pooch for another trip around the block!

And now, without further ado & the moment you’ve all been waiting for – OUR WINNERS! Congratulations to:

    1. Barb Dodge Dixon (1177 votes)
    2. Linda Pittman (889 votes)
    3. Melissa Cripe (870 votes)

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos with us! You gals & your pets are awesome and we appreciate all of you.


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