All Sports Compression socks

Compression socks are suitable for all sports because they offer benefits that are universally helpful for athletes. Firstly, they improve blood circulation, which can enhance oxygen delivery to muscles, aiding in performance and recovery. Secondly, compression socks can reduce muscle vibration and fatigue, helping to prevent injuries and improve endurance. Lastly, they provide support to muscles and joints, promoting better stability and proprioception, which is beneficial for activities that involve dynamic movements, such as running, cycling, soccer, basketball, and more.

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Merino Wool

Merino wool is nature's gift!  Breathable, temperature regulating and moisure-wicking, merino is a natural performance fiber.  Durable and does not trap odor, it is also easy to care for and retains shape through wear.  Merino wool socks truly enhance performance and wearer's comfort!!

Graduated Compression

15-20 mmHg to prolong wearability as possible to increase circulation, reduce pressure buildup on veins of the legs and feet and reduce swelling that soothes ankles, legs and feet.

Incredibly Soft

Lightweight soft merino wool for all day fresh comfort

Seamless Toe

Extra smooth toe seam for maximized soft comfort feel.  No irritating toe seam for the sensitive feet!

Better Durability

Reinforcement stress zone yarn construction for added durability