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A Day to Celebrate Mom In Comfort

April 25, 2017

We love our moms so much and always look for ways to make them happy. This Mother’s Day, introduce her to the wonderful world of Ja-Vie flats! Let’s face it, gals: Motherhood is just another word for running. We run to pick up the kids from piano practice, then run home and fix dinner, just in time to run back to soccer practice. The next day we run them to school, so we can run to work then run back home to fix dinner! Aren’t your feet getting sore just thinking about it all? The super-comfy construction of Ja-Vie flats cushions your feet in a cloud of comfort, no matter what you’re doing. There’s a style to suit every mother’s need, whether...

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Navy is Nautical!

April 13, 2017

Navy and white have been making headlines all season long, and our NEW Ja-Vie styles fall perfectly into this fashionable trend! This iconic color scheme looks good on everyone and says... “Take me on a boat!” This week, we put together a few cute spring outfits that you can wear anywhere, floating or not. The new Navy Ruffle Ja-Vie flat has just the right amount of class and fun to be flexible enough for day and night. Crisp navy and white can be worn as a casual spring outfit to brunch, or dress in navy silk stripes for a trendy, glamorous night out with your guy! This ruffle design, (one of our top sellers in Black), was requested in Navy by...

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