Copper Socks

Ja-vie Copper Socks are made with copper ion technology, by knitting in copper-infused yarns that help eliminate odor-causing bacteria on the socks. Together with added wicking function that helps to stay dry, Copper Socks help to keep your feet healthy and odor-free all day.

Ja-vie Copper Socks are available as Compression Socks to help relieve swelling and on the other end, as Non-binding Socks for the ones that cannot take pressure. Both are designed for maximum daily comfort to suit your individual needs!

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Made with copper ion technology, knit-in copper-infused yarns help eliminate odor-causing bacteria on the socks.  Copper socks help keep your feet healthy and odor-free!

Non-Binding Top

Stay up elastic-free comfort top that does not constrict allowing for easy blood flow.  Ideal for sensitive skin, poor blood circulation or diabetes.

Seamless Toe

Extra smooth toe seam for maximized soft comfort feel.  No irritating toe seam for the sensitive feet!

Moisture Management

Copper ions are combined with moisture wicking material to keep feet dry throughout the day, specially beneficial during active outdoor and physical activities. It saves your feet from sweat build-up that encourages bacteria growth


Copper's natural anti-microbial properties destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses allowing for copper socks to help eliminate and prevent infections by these germs!

Extra Copper Reinforcement

Extra copper yarn for added anti-bacterial protection and extended durability!

Better Durability

Reinforcement stress zone yarn construction for added durability