Compression Toe Socks

Tabi socks design helps socks stays on with glove-like second skin fit!

Superb comfort like no other with split-toe feature hugging the big toe knuckle area for further support, stability and flexibility!

Together with compression socks construction, helps you to improve circulation and reduce leg fatigue, all day long.

Big Toe Wiggle Freedom

For those who want that bare feet feeling without having to touch your skin on the ground.

Graduated Compression

Light gradual compression allows for prolonged wear to increase circulation, preventing excess pressure build-up in legs and feet. Reduces swelling to provide soothing comfort for feet ankles and legs.

Incredibly Soft

Lightweight soft merino wool for all day fresh comfort

Moisture Management

Designed to keep feet dry during a range of outdoor and physical activities.  Saving the feet from irritation and built-up of sweat.

Anti Bacterial

Eliminate bacteria which multiply in the presence of dirt, moisture and heat; causing infections of the foot, body odour,and allergies.

Better Durability

Reinforcement stress zone yarn construction for added durability