The ideal travel shoes where style and comfort meet for every occasion imagine able.

Lightweight on the go flats. The perfect shoe to rescue your feet from heels.

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3D Knit Stretchable

Our knit stretch technology surrounds your foot in sock softness with a gentle elastic that comfortably surrounds the foot.

Leather In-Sole

Ja-vie takes comfort very seriously. We have THREE points of cushioning to support you. Our arch support is generous and molds to your foot with each wear. The heel cushioning absorbs the pounding our feet take everyday and the ball support balances the foot . These insoles stay supportive for a very long time but if you are like the members of the ja-vie team and wear your ballet flats every day, replacement insoles are available for purchase.

Water Resistant

Chance of rain? Depending where you live, this can be an everyday occurrence. The crystal clear jelly shell on ja-vie flats will protect your feet from the unexpected elements of your day and night.

Dynamic Flexibility

Ja-vie Ballet Flats move with you. Bendable with each step, ja-vie shoes allow your feet to move with supportive comfort and won’t weigh you down.


Today’s adventures in life demand a flat that can be washable. Ja-vie shoes are your answer. Remove the leather insole, throw into a lingerie bag with your favorite detergent and wash on cold. No dryer please, just let air dry.