"The most comfortable shoes you can own"

This stylishly comfortable jelly flat has my feet saying “I love you Momma” at the end of the day when my kids forget to. I went for the Classic Black Cap/Nude Beige flat for everyday. These shoes are too cool for school because they are...

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"They honestly feel like you are walking barefoot."

These Ja-Vie flats are life-savers. I mean it, they are so comfortable, and they honestly feel like you are walking barefoot. There are these cushions inside that provide the most effective support for the balls of your feet.

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"The built-in, sock-like lining allowed for me to immediately hit the ground running, with no “breaking-in” phase..."

I have gone through SO many pairs of flats over the years in search of the perfect ones for my flat feet. I knew Jesse and I would be doing a ton of walking on our recent Europe trip, so I scoured the Internet trying to find a pair of flats...

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"They really are a pillow for your feet."

If you’re on the go and are looking for a stylish and comfortable ballet slipper then Ja-Vie is perfect for you! When I put on the ballet flat for the first time I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were, they really are a pillow for your feet.

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"The perfect travel shoe – like walking on clouds while you fly through the clouds"

Like most moms of two littles, I do a lot of running. I need soft comfortable shoes that have good arch, ball, and heel support or otherwise things get messy on my tootsies.

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FASHION 360 MAGAZINE ~ Workout with Inna

"For comfort and style, I would give Ja-Vie Flats two thumbs up."

Another one of my favorite items from the shoot was the footwear. I absolutely loved the Ja-Vie flats that were surprisingly comfortable to jog and do exercises in (lots of activewear surprises on this shoot!)

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FASHION 360 MAGAZINE ~ Workout with Alexis

"Ja-Vie Flats are your shoe for sophisticated style and comfort."

After suiting up, there’s no need to lace up as Ja-Vie Flats have you covered. With its knit lining of 100% soft, breathable cotton for blister-free wear, leather insole for cushioned massaging padding and superb arch support along with...

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April 2015 Issue

Rainy Day Finds. Fun and functional picks that are right as, well, rain.

Waterproof Flats. A sleek option for the wellie-heeled set.

April 2015 Issue

Strut Your Stuff in Style with Super-Comfy and Fashionable Footwear.

Ja-Vie flats, featuring arch support, dynamic flexibility, and a removable and washable "sock", these shoes are a great fit for those on the go. They were designed by a couple in response to the wife's inability to find cute yet supportive shoes to wear during her first pregnancy. //


"They are flexible, protect your feet, and coordinate with work, play, and dressed-up outfits!"

JA-VIE shoes are beautifully designed, functional flats that provide the foot support that every busy moms needs, without sacrificing any style. You no longer have to choose fashion over function!

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"I have been on a hunt for really cute flats. But ones that I could actually walk in all day. Problem solved."

Not every mother wants a huge fancy gift for mother's day - I don't know any that would turn them down - but something thoughtful and lovely is really all that matters. Here are a few of my favorites. {hint, hint}

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"I’ve finally found the most comfortable shoes on the planet."

Bold claim, right? But yes, I think I’ve done it. I’ve finally found the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Not only are they comfortable, they have arch support in the leather insole and get this… they are machine washable.

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"Who knew flats could be fashionable, comfortable and machine washable. Yes you read that correctly."

Ever since becoming a mom, I've been mainly living in flats rather than teetering on 5 inch heels while balancing a baby. However, my feet are not always happy due to pinched toes, no support, achy heels and even blisters.

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"Enter Ja-Vie ballet flats, my new cannot-live-without-them shoe discovery."

One of the biggest personal challenges of being a new mom is looking cute while staying comfortable. I love heels but they aren’t the most practical option when I’m carrying around a baby.

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"You could walk forever in these shoes and not feel a thing. They are heavenly."

Ja-Vie makes these amazing ballet flats that have a sock liner built in. Not to mention the cushioned soles that feel like you are walking on a cloud. You could walk forever in these shoes and not feel a thing. They are heavenly.

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"Today, I decided to wise up and give my feet a little TLC."

Everyday I try to wear flats when I’m at work because the days that I don’t quickly remind me why I do. Yesterday was such a day that I decided to wear very tall wedges to work.

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"The second I came across Ja-Vie’s gorgeous flats, I could not wait to try a pair."

As a girl with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and an ankle surgery under my belt… I am always on the hunt for comfortable shoes. Anyone who shares similar issues knows how difficult it can be to find footwear that is functional...

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"These bad boys have a built in leather insole, waterproof jelly outsole, AND they are machine washable."

So let’s talk about these leopard flats. Aren’t they fantastic? I got them from Ja-Vie and love how stylish + functional they are. These bad boys have a built in leather insole, waterproof jelly outsole, AND they are machine washable.

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"I’ve shared my issue with most flats here before but these are very different than any I’ve ever tried."

Hi y’all, today I am actually really excited to share with you these flats by Ja-Vie. I’ve shared my issue with most flats here before but these are very different than any I’ve ever tried.

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"I literally wear them at least every other day {yes, even in the midst of boot season!}..."

Now let’s talk a little more about these fabulous shoes, shall we? I received this pair from Ja-Vie to try out and tell you about, and let me tell you, they are THE most comfortable pair of flats I’ve ever owned. Honestly.

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"I've really enjoyed wearing these shoes to work because I can wear them all day long and they never hurt my feet."

I received my first pair of Ja-vies a few weeks ago, and I have absolutely loved them. There was so much thought put into these flats. They're made with a knit lining (similar to an ankle sock) with a jelly coating on the outside.

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"...put them in a cold-water quick cycle. Thirty minutes later, they were good as new..."

All I have to say is, where was this company when I was walking all over Europe last year?! These would have been perfect for the miles and miles we walked each day! Oh goodness, and when I was pregnant with lower back pain?

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"...they are like “walking on air!” Enough said."

When your feet hurt, everything hurts. The bendable, packable, comfy JA-VIE flats are a machine-washable jelly, boast a leather insole, knit lining–and she says they are like “walking on air!” Enough said.

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"The best part? No breaking them in. The soft, knit lining with lightweight jelly outsoles becomes an instant perfect fit."

When you find a great shoe, you just want to shout about it from the rooftops. Consider this the rooftop, because we’re totally obsessed with Ja-Vie ballet flats.

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