weeLove: The Perfect Shoe

We're so excited that our friends at weeSpring.com featured ja-vie flats as the ultimate new mom/expecting shoes- click on the logo to see the weeLove blog!



What is weeSpring.com?

weeSpring is a platform that helps you share advice with your friends about baby essentials, like bottles, strollers, and diapers. You can compare products within a single category, like high chairs, or browse a trusted friend's favorites.

Expecting parents use weeSpring to ask their friends about the things they couldn't live without, and find out what they wish they'd never bought. New parents use weeSpring to pass along their own tried-and-true advice, while continuing to learn from their friends.


Why weeSpring.com?

Allyson Downey founded weeSpring because we wanted new and expecting parents to have a simple, accessible resource where they can find out what helped them survive the early months, and then pass on their own tried-and-true advice.

We also realize that while there's no shortage of people telling you what you should buy, it's your friends who will tell you what you shouldn't. Being a new parent is expensive enough, without buying things you don't need or that don't work.

Click on the logo to learn about weeLove.



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