Do you know the Ja-Vie Story?

Natalie, Ja-Vie Founder

Wife, Mom, Lover of Fashion, Entrepreneur
Those of you who’ve ever been pregnant will understand what Natalie went through trying to find a comfortable shoe during and after her difficult pregnancy, which made walking painful. So, like resourceful moms the world over, she came up with her own solution: Ja-Vies, the most comfortable—yet stylish!—shoe you’ll ever wear.
Natalie and hubby Eric worked for two years to develop and create the shoes named after their two charming children, Javier and Viera. And they thought of everything! Sophisticated style? Check. Easy care? They’re machine-washable. And comfort? You’ll think you have pillows strapped to your feet!
Pregnancy, Motherhood, is wonderful ... most of the time, but why not float through the other times in comfort? Try a pair of Ja-Vies from our beautiful selection, and we promise you’ll never go back to ordinary shoes EVER!

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