Cotton Compression Socks

Ja-Vie socks uses graduated compression with maximum compression at the ankle that gradually decreases up the leg allowing them to soothe, massage, and energize your legs and feet!

Comfortable and fun, they are lightweight enough to go with any shoes. So easy to put on, they are great for everyday use to help reduce swelling and fatigue! Perfect for the ones that love the natural soft cotton socks! Best cotton compression socks to help you feel good and look good!

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Mercerized Cotton

Cotton is a soft natural fibrous materials that has unbeatable breathability. Cotton's soft natural hypoallergenic quality makes great compression socks that reduces the potential for discomfort and skin irritations.

Graduated Compression

Light gradual compression allows for prolonged wear to increase circulation, preventing excess pressure build-up in legs and feet. Reduces swelling to provide soothing comfort for feet ankles and legs.

Incredibly Soft

Lightweight soft merino wool for all day fresh comfort

Moisture Wicking

Designed to keep feet dry during a range of outdoor and physical activities.  Saving the feet from irritation and built-up of sweat.


Eliminate bacteria which multiply in the presence of dirt, moisture and heat; causing infections of the foot, body odour, and allergies.

Better Durability

Reinforcement stress zone yarn construction for added durability