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Three Cheers for Our Dog-Loving Contest Winners!

February 24, 2017

Don’t we just adore our loyal little doggies? Oh, yeah! And don’t we just love-love-love walking them in our ultra-comfy, puddle-proof Ja-Vie’s? You bet we do! And all you great Ja-Vie Gals (and super guys) proved that with your terrific entries in our #JaVieWalksTheDog Contest. To remind all of our fans, as well as all of you who are new to Ja-Vie, we recently held a contest asking readers to submit pictures of their pups and tell us why Ja-Vie’s are not only great for walking your dog, but are also absolutely necessary for everyday life: because of their darling styles, outstanding comfort, easy (washable) care, and rain resistance. And, not incidentally, the contest was our way to introduce our...

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Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s All About the Evening

February 09, 2017

Once you’ve found your soul mate, you need to find your sole mate. And gals, Ja-Vie’s are your one and only! Imagine: It’s Valentine’s Day, you’ve been working your heart out all day, really trying to keep your mind on office stuff. Of course, you have skipped around the office in total comfort because you’ve got on your favorite pair of Ja-Vie’s. But where are your thoughts? On tonight. Mmmm. He’s going to pick you up and take you . . . where? He won’t say. It’s a surprise. Not to worry! Ja-Vie’s are renowned not only for complete comfort but for their sophisticated styling. For day-to-night transition, how about a pair of black-and-white lace flats? Featured in our $39...

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