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JA-VIE Shoes the Next Evolution in Flats

JA-VIE shoes are beautifully designed, functional flats that provide the foot support that every busy moms needs, without sacrificing any style. You no longer have to choose fashion over function! JA-VIE's summer Island Collection of flats show off bright colors in contrasting combinations. I had the chance to review these bright Hibiscus-Gold flats and they have already become a favorite within my wardrobe.


Mother's Day Gift

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Stylish Mother's Day Gift on the Wendy Williams Show

Walking On Air:
When your feet hurt, everything hurts. The bendable, packable, comfy flats are a machine-washable jelly, boast a leather insole, knit lining–and she says they are like “walking on air!” Enough said


WeeLove:The Perfect Shoe

Ja-Vie Adds Style to the New Mom Uniform
When you find a great shoe, you just want to shout about it from the rooftops. Consider this the rooftop, because we’re totally obsessed with Ja-Vie ballet flats


Pillows for Your Feet by Housewife on a Mission

I recently was introduced to Ja-Vie Flats, and while they are great for pregnant women, they also are great for any women in general (in my opinion). Why do I think that? Well because I'm not pregnant and absolutely love these flats! They're super cute, very comfortable AND they have not and do not give my feet any blisters.

Now before I go into more details about the flats, let me tell you about my feet. I have a wide foot...I actually have a really hard time finding flats that actually fit me, while also look flattering on my feet. I do have a couple pair of flats, but even after breaking them in and wearing them for more than 10 times, I still get blisters from wearing them. Yeah, annoying! Not even joking, I always make sure I have two band-aid's in my purse when I wear them out because I know that blisters will develop (and yes, they are right size, they're just terrible flats I guess). 

Putting on my flats for the first time is always a make or break moment. I can tell right away if the flats are going to fit me properly, be comfortable and look nice on my feet. I'm super thrilled to report that the Ja-Vie flats deserve an A+ in all three categories, and they have passed the test with flying colors! No, I'm not exaggerating either-- I am in love with my new flats!!

The Ja-Vie Flats really do feel comfortable and I get excellent arch support while wearing them. Also, they have a nice stretch to them because of having the inner cotton-knit "sock" in them. A really neat feature I like is when you take out the leather insole, they are machine washable, making the cleaning care really easy!


We Finally Found The Most Comfortable Shoes on The Planet by the Fashionable Housewife

Bold claim, right? But yes, I think I’ve done it. I’ve finally found the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Not only are they comfortable, they have arch support in the leather insole and get this… they are machine washable. Yup, you read it here first folks. The most comfortable shoes on the planet are in fact machine washable.

Ja-Vie has redefined ballet flats as we know them with their new, patent-pending innovative footwear collection that are designed to feel as though you are walking barefoot. Ja-Vie’s fashionable ballet flats are so comfortable and pain-free you might find yourself forgetting to take them off before you get into bed.

The lightweight jelly outsoles combined with a cozy, soft double-ply “sock” interior makes these shoes feel like a second skin and gives you a flexible fit. These shoes are IDEAL for anyone that:

1. is sick and tired of uncomfortable shoes
2. wants to alleviate existing foot pain
3. prevent swelling and avoid blisters
4. is pregnant and doesn’t even want to wear shoes

If any of those sound like you, then Ja-Vie flats are made just for YOU!



So let’s talk about these leopard flats. Aren’t they fantastic? I got them from Ja-Vie and love how stylish + functional they are. These bad boys have a built in leather insole, waterproof jelly outsole, AND they are machine washable.


Why I love Ja-vie Flats

All I have to say is, where was this company when I was walking all over Europe last year?! These would have been perfect for the miles and miles we walked each day! Oh goodness, and when I was pregnant with lower back pain? I would have lived in these. Walking around campus during my college days, I could have actually looked cute without bandaids plastered to the back of my heels


Ja-vie Flats by Stylelista Confessions

Ja-Vie is not just a typical ballet flat, it offers incredible arch support and flexibility and combines the softest double-ply cotton knit "sock" with lightweight jelly outsoles and cushioned leather insoles. Basically its like walking on air for your feet. I cannot get enough of these flats


Ja-vie Flats Review

I started wearing my flats to and from class to really get a feel for them. I found them to be very comfortable to walk in. The sole has a lot of cushioning which was odd at first because I wasn't used to it, but within a day it was normal to me - and extremely comfortable. When I walked, it didn't feel heavy, it was like I was walking on a cloud.

Since then, I have gotten some use out of them! I notice a difference after a day of classes in these shoes versus my typical shoes. Usually, I come home and my feet are a little sore (it's bearable but I do notice it) but with the Ja-vie flats, I don't feel any foot pain. I can't explain how incredible it is. Getting home from a long day of class (or work for that matter) and having to deal with tired feet is just another added stress. Ja-vie takes that away.


Ja Vie Flats Review, The Silver Lining

The thing that makes Ja Vie so different is that the insoles are leather and velcro out to make the flats machine washable, the lining is cotton which is breathable and blister free and the outsole is jelly which is lightweight and flexible. Ja Vie flats come in 20 color styles and they offer arch support, heel shock absorbers and support on the ball of one’s foot, which is where I generally get pain.



JA-VIE shoe Review

Ja-Vie flats are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! From the moment I slipped them on I didn’t want to take them off. It is like wearing no shoes at all in terms of comfort. Ever since giving birth to my two girls, my feet have hurt from the time I get up in the morning to going to bed at night. No other shoes have been able to relieve any of this discomfort until I tried the Ja Vie flats! I wore them all weekend long and absolutely want 10 more pairs!

A bonus is that they are machine washable too, and they are the first pair of flats that don’t give me a blister on my heel. They are so lightweight and weigh almost nothing along with giving great support for your ball and arch.



The Perfect Ballet Flats from Ja-vie

Here’s what I love:
– They are a high quality product, including a real leather insole
– They provide comfort for the entire foot, including support for the ball of the foot, arch, and heel
– They are washable! Yes, really! The leather insole is removable and you can wash the knit lining + jelly outsole are machine washable. It’s so nice to be able to wear ballet flats rain or muddy weather knowing I can clean them to good as new.
– No break in period. These babies were a perfect fit from the second I slipped them on.
– The gorgeous designs! I’m already lining up my next pair, which will likely be the gold captoe black because they are oh, so chic.
because they are oh, so chic.

Ja-Vie truly lives up to their slogan “Better than barefeet” and I cannot highly recommend them enough. If you can relate to my foot pain troubles, I urge you to give these a try and see if they can provide comfort and relief you’ve been searching for. They would also make a stylish and thoughtful gift for any woman in your life who needs a comfort flat!



Ja-vie Flats Review

I've really enjoyed wearing these shoes to work because I can wear them all day long and they never hurt my feet.  I recently joined a gym, and I've been attending yoga and Pilates classes a couple times a week.  Any day I'm taking a class, I wear these shoes to work, because they transition perfectly to coordinating with my workout attire.  No more looking like a tool wearing yoga pants and kitten heels, thank goodness














“Olive” My Leopard Flats

I am about to make life very easy on you. Buy these shoes.

Leopard Shoes

Ja-Vie makes these amazing ballet flats that have a sock liner built in. Not to mention the cushioned soles that feel like you are walking on a cloud. You could walk forever in these shoes and not feel a thing. They are heavenly.


Herringbone and Polka Dots

Today, I decided to wise up and give my feet a little TLC. I’ve been trying out these new Ja Vie flats that are rainproof, cute, and have specific comfort zones on the inside to support tired, achy feet. Love them. I opted to grab mine in a beige/black cap toe combo so that they would go with more.


Item of the Day: Ja-vie
Accessories Magazine

Devised by some former Coach designers and marketers, the Ja Vie flats provide flat style with much needed support for the feet.

Made of patent-pending technology, Ja Vie shoes combine the softest double-ply mercerized cotton knit “sock” with lightweight jelly outsoles and cushioned leather insoles. The gray insoles feature arch, ball, and heel support.

The result is a second skin fit with dynamic flexibility and maximum support for your feet.


Mixing Prints for Fall

they are THE most comfortable pair of flats I’ve ever owned. Honestly. I literally wear them at least every other day {yes, even in the midst of boot season!} because they feel so good and they’re so darn cute all at the same time.


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Ja-Vie Shoes

These are the jelly shoe revamped into a ballet flat that can be worn all day without your feet getting tired. They are fairly light in weight and the knit lining makes these breathable and keep your feet free of blisters. 

The leather sole is the highlight and what makes these extra special to gift during the holidays. The cushioning is fantastic and the ball and arch support are unbeatable. Who knew flats could be fashionable, comfortable and machine washable. Yes you read that correctly. Just take out the insole and pop into a laundry bag and wash on a cold setting and line dry. How easy is that? 


New Ballet Flats with Built in Socks

The Ja-Vie shoe design consists of a mercerized sock with flexible jelly outside and a plush leather insole. The jelly gives it the flexibility to move and walk about while the leather cushion insole provides pillows upon which your feet can rest comfortably. This gorgeous shoe can also be cleaned in the washing machine after a quick removal of the leather insoles which are held in place by velcro. Talk about convenient! The cute design also gains points in the style department, especially the wild leopard print. It comes in a variety of colors, even a sporty pink. The best part is that 20% of the proceeds of the sales in October went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Ja-Vie is clearly a company with a conscience.




A New Mom's Ultimate Baby Gear


A Rain Friendly Outfit

These are better than barefeet! Ja-vie flats have great arch support and flexibility. They combine the softest double-ply cotton knit "sock" with a lightweight jelly outsole and cushioned leather insole! These are awesome in the rain because the jelly outsole protects from water! They are so comfy and I love the inside and how it keeps my feet feeling great all day long so I don't have to deal with sore, tired, achy soles at night!



Shimmering Black Lurex Flats

I immediately loved the sparkle and sleek look that the Shimmering Black Lurex Flats offer.  While they do have a black undertone, I would actually consider these shoes to be silver because the silvery strands are woven so well into this shoe.



Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies 

Let me introduce you to the shoe lovers next obsession - Ja-Vie! The perfect compact, comfortable and stylish flats fit for every occasion. Your special ladies will love to slip their  feet into these!!! 



CC Loves...

Fabulous flats with patent pending technology combining a soft knit sock, a jelly outsole and a cushioned leather insole.  So cute and incredibly comfy, darlings!  Other benefits: these slippers are super flexible, so they are ideal for travel.  Lastly, the whole entire shoe is machine washable!

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