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Ja-vie Insole Secret

Happy Feet

Integral to the total comfort of Ja-vie flats lies in the secret of the insoles.  Ja-vie insoles are the perfect combination of leather and foam with extra padding anatomically placed to provide superb breathable support for all day comfort!

Leather Skin

Ja-vie insoles are expertly crafted using foams that provide support and helps with pressure relief.  They are covered with naturally breathable leather with air vents allowing for maximum breathability.  The natural supple characteristic of leather enhances the cushioning effect while adding durability to wear.

Arch/ Ball/ Heel Support

Top it off with anatomically designed padding at ball, arch, and heel to add support at key places your feet needs!  Ball support helps redistribute weight in ball/toe area while arch cushion provides further support and heel padding helps with shock absorption from walking.


Attention to detail makes all the difference!  Ja-vie insole inserts are flawlessly finished with intricate piping covered edges, making them smooth, appealing, and easy to pop in and out for shoe wash care and replacement. 

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Replacement Insoles
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