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Natalie and Eric are high school sweethearts,who have been together for over 18 years. When pregnant with the couples’ first child, Natalie had a very difficult delivery and could not walk for several months due to severe pelvic bone separation. She was literally walking in pain for months. It was during this time that she and Eric saw the opportunity to make pretty, comfortable flats using socks!! "I couldn't find pretty flats that were comfortable enough to wear day in and day out" Natalie said. Being a fashion girl, she didn't want to sacrifice looks for comfort.

Leveraging their expertise in R&D/supply chain, they spent two years developing this shoe and finally perfected the prototype. They named the brand “JA-VIE” - after their 2 beautiful children Javier and Viera.

Support You can See and Feel!

  • Arch, Ball, and Heel Cushioning
  • Helps redistribute weight around ball/toe
  • Made of soft, resilient foam
  • Airvents on bottom of insole, for breathability
  • Removable so shoes can be machine washed
  • Replacement soles available for sale seperately


  • Reduces friction/blister and relieve pressure
  • Helps to ease fatigue and discomfort
    Reduces soreness from walking