Three Cheers for Our Dog-Loving Contest Winners!

Don’t we just adore our loyal little doggies? Oh, yeah! And don’t we just love-love-love walking them in our ultra-comfy, puddle-proof Ja-Vie’s? You bet we do! And all you great Ja-Vie Gals (and super guys) proved that with your terrific entries in our #JaVieWalksTheDog Contest.

To remind all of our fans, as well as all of you who are new to Ja-Vie, we recently held a contest asking readers to submit pictures of their pups and tell us why Ja-Vie’s are not only great for walking your dog, but are also absolutely necessary for everyday life: because of their darling styles, outstanding comfort, easy (washable) care, and rain resistance. And, not incidentally, the contest was our way to introduce our soon-to-be-available, totally awesome design feature: personalized photos on your very own custom-made Ja-Vie’s!

Our readers voted on which entries they considered to be the cutest little darlings (really hard choices!). As far as we’re concerned, anyone who is owned by a furry friend is already a winner, but here are the champs as selected by our readers. Each winner gets a custom-made pair of our super-comfy Ja-Vie’s with their dog’s picture on the shoes. And they have promised to share photos of their custom-made shoes the instant they receive them. So watch this space!

And now, without further ado, here are the lucky winners and their dogs.

Linda Pittman’s tiny toy poodle Bella just loves everyone, and Linda walks her by a small lake near her house, wearing—of course—her Ja-Vie’s. She says they’re super-cute and comfy, no doubt because of their arch, heel, and ball support. She would know, because as a teacher, she’s on her feet all day and loves how her feet don’t get tired with her Ja-Vie’s.


Barb Dodge Dixon’s Jack Russell mix Georgie is an excellent watch dog and is very protective of his little people. Barb doesn’t yet own a pair of Ja-Vie’s, but is so excited to be receiving her pair, and plans to wear them to work. Boy, is she in for a treat!


Abraham Liandro’s golden retriever Max can stay, shake hands and sit. Good dog! Abraham plans to give his custom-made Ja-Vie’s to his sister (featured in this adorable picture), so she can walk Max in the park and the woods. She already owns several pair, and simply raves about how comfy they are, because they relieve pressure and impact on your feet while you walk.


This is Lucy. Melissa Cripe and her family adopted Lucy from a local animal shelter and she has changed their lives!  She is thought to be a German Shepherd mix and is about a year and a half years old. They love to take walks together and snuggle in for the night. Lucy loves to tear the stuffing out of any plush toy she finds. She can also be found on the trampoline with Melissa's kids. They often wonder, who rescued who?



Thanks to all for your entries and your votes!


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Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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