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It’s no secret that having a furry friend around does wonders for our overall happiness and well being. There’s nothing like that wagging tail or the “smile” on your pet’s face when you come home from work, a vacation, or really anywhere. Having said that, it’s time we show our favorite furry friends some appreciation! Below I’m sharing some of my favorite pet products and accessories.   


Can Fido just not get enough of a great game of fetch? Cue the iFetch! This fun pet product does the handy work for you. Keep your loved one from getting bored if you work out of the home all while teaching them something new.

Ja-Vie Flats:

Do you wear your Ja-Vie Flats to walk your precious pooch? They are the most perfect pair to do so! They’re water & weather proof, washable (in case you step into a pile of you-know-what), and of course - SO COMFY!

Doggie Drinklets:

Keep your pup hydrated on the go with these portable doggy bowls that fold up small enough to fit in your wallet! Carrying all that extra stuff around just so your dog can join you on your outing is tough and these definitely take some of the weight off.

Lap of Luxury:

Put your furry bestie to bed in style with this bed from famed designer Jonathan Adler! Does it get any more chic than that?! I don’t think so! Your dog deserves the style & comfort, right? Right!

Stylish Necklace:

Stylize your fur child with a stunning collar! This is the only “accessory” that your pet gets to show off his or her personal style with so let them ‘run wild’ with it (see what I did there?). There are so many options out there but this one happens to be one of my favorites for my pooch. I just can’t get enough of those flowers!

Do you have a fur child of your own? Check out Ja-Vie's latest contest for a chance to win a custom pair of flats!


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Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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