Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s All About the Evening

Once you’ve found your soul mate, you need to find your sole mate. And gals, Ja-Vie’s are your one and only!

Imagine: It’s Valentine’s Day, you’ve been working your heart out all day, really trying to keep your mind on office stuff. Of course, you have skipped around the office in total comfort because you’ve got on your favorite pair of Ja-Vie’s.

But where are your thoughts? On tonight. Mmmm. He’s going to pick you up and take you . . . where? He won’t say. It’s a surprise. Not to worry! Ja-Vie’s are renowned not only for complete comfort but for their sophisticated styling. For day-to-night transition, how about a pair of black-and-white lace flats? Featured in our $39 Lace-Is-Love Valentine’s Day special, shipping in the U.S. is free through February 15. Love that word-- Free! 

Honest, Ja-Vie’s go either way, and nobody at work will suspect you’re not the totally efficient career gal making decisions and closing deals. When the five-o’clock whistle blows, just slip off your fitted jacket to reveal the cute cami underneath, add a string of pearls or a shimmering gold choker and you’re good to go!

For wear-anywhere versatility, there’s nothing like Ja-Vie to pamper your tired tootsies and keep you dancing all night.

But just suppose—gasp!—there’s no hot fella waiting to whisk you away for an evening of frolicking. No problem! Whether you’ve planned a night out with your gal pals or just a quiet evening with movies, popcorn and your favorite cat, Ja-Vie’s have you covered. With the comfort of a bedroom slipper, it’ll still feel like a special night—at least to your feet! And you must-must-must jump on our $39 Lace-Is-Love Valentine’s Day special before the free shipping offer expires on February 15.

Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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