Fall Fashion Trends for 2016


A new season (& the recent New York Fashion Week!) bring new fashion trends. I have to admit there are some pretty great ones this fall! I’m so excited to see what’s trending on and off the runway and how you fashionistas style the new looks, colors and textures. The options are truly endless. Whether you’ve kept your eye on the runway or not recently, we’ve got you covered when it comes to StyleCaster’s autumn fashion trends.  


Stylecaster, our reputable source, reports that ruffles are IN for autumn. Whether you wear them on your fall coat or on your fashionable feet, the ruffled look is sure to make a statement. What could be more perfect timing for the cute & comfy Ja-Vie Black Ruffle Flats to make their debut? Staying on trend with high-fashion doesn’t need to break your feet or the bank. 

Shades of Tan

Tan, beige and different shades of brown have always been some of my favorite fall colors. Tan is SO versatile and can match just about anything. Classic colors always tend to be fall favorites, and tan is no exception. I’m so happy that this hue made its appearance on the runway! 

Gold Metallic

For me, gold details are synonymous with autumn. Gold is the perfect accent to all of fall’s classic colors like tan, orange, maroon and deep shades of green. Ja-Vie’s Shimmering Gold Flats are the perfect accent to your fall wardrobe. And just like the above mentioned shades of tan, they match just about everything and can dress your outfit up or down - and keep you comfy. Stay tuned for a new updated metallic look from Ja-Vie, I can’t spill all the beans just yet!


‘Tis the season for all things plaid! Plaid is one of my absolute favorite patterns and I couldn’t be more excited to see it making a comeback for the second year in a row. When I saw Ja-Vie’s new Green & Blue and Red Plaid styles, I just about cried tears of sheer joy. I can’t wait to pair these with my favorite autumn jeans and sweaters. 

Which fall fashion trend are you most excited to wear this season?


That Ja-Vie Girl

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