A Day to Celebrate Mom In Comfort

We love our moms so much and always look for ways to make them happy. This Mother’s Day, introduce her to the wonderful world of Ja-Vie flats!

Let’s face it, gals: Motherhood is just another word for running. We run to pick up the kids from piano practice, then run home and fix dinner, just in time to run back to soccer practice. The next day we run them to school, so we can run to work then run back home to fix dinner! Aren’t your feet getting sore just thinking about it all?

The super-comfy construction of Ja-Vie flats cushions your feet in a cloud of comfort, no matter what you’re doing. There’s a style to suit every mother’s need, whether she’s a new mom, experienced mom, or a grand-mom. Here are a few of our suggestions:

New Mom: Our cuddly Black and White Baby Dot Flats or our mood-boosting Daisy Flats with their perky flowers, would be the perfect addition to every new mom's wardrobe. We know exactly how it feels to need a pick-me-up while running errands on such little sleep!

Busy Mom: For moms with a little ones who keep them running, our go-anywhere Indigo Stripe Flats are the perfect throw on with jeans, as are one of our newest must-haves, the Denim Tropical Flats.

Yoga/Fitness Mom: Suppose Mom is into yoga or tai-chi. Our Santa Fe or Desert Stripe Flats will fill the bill.

Nature Mom: Our fashionable Compression Socks will help with swelling and keep her legs protected while running or hiking outdoors.

Cool Mom: The Camouflage Flats are for the super cool, street-style moms or those modern "country" gals! Cool fashion trendy moms will also LOVE the Tropical Flats- a bright fun addition to the Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Grand-Mom: If your mother is a granny, help her kick the stereotype of that age group with Ja-Vie’s that tell the world she’s arrived. For this, try the True Red Flats or the brand new Havana Flats.

Every Mom: If it’s just too hard to select from among all our luscious styles, give Mom a Ja-Vie gift card and let her go wild, selecting her own favorites.


***Remember, if you want your super Ja-Vie surprise in time for the big day, you MUST order by May 5th to ensure it arrives in time.***

Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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