True Life: I'm a Ja-Vie Gal!

Hey Ja-Vie Gals! You all know by now that I'm a huge Ja-Vie fan & a Ja-Vie Gal for life - but I wanted to see what you all had to say about my favorite shoes. So, I took it to the streets (well e-mail, but you get the idea)! I wanted to hear what you guys had to say, so I've been asking a few questions. Read on to see what another sweet Ja-Vie Gal, Ashley, has to say:

TJG: What is your favorite activity to wear your Ja-Vie’s for? 

ASHLEY: I love to wear Ja-vie flats to work and yoga.  I love that they are so versatile that I can wear basically anywhere.

TJG: Why did you choose Ja-Vie, did someone recommend it?

ASHLEY: Yes, my best friend writes alizadventures blog.  She recommended them to me since I work in medicine, and I am on my feet all day.  I have been recommending to all my family and friends ever since my first purchase!

TJG: In your opinion, what makes your Ja-Vie flats different from the other shoes that you own and what's your favorite pair?

ASHLEY: Ja-Vie flats are extremely comfortable and provide good support.  I have bunions on both feet, and I've actually had surgery on my left foot.  I always wear good supportive shoes but in a flat that has been very hard to find.  I feel Ja-Vie flats provide that good support but still look stylish.  I get compliments all the time!  I also love the fact that you can wash them, and they are waterproof.

TJG: What do you want to see next from Ja-Vie? What print or pattern would you love to see?

ASHLEY: I would love to see a wedge or a mix between athletic shoe/slip-on flat.  I have really loved all the prints and patterns but I'd like to see Lilly Pulitzer print.  I'd also like to be able to purchase additional inserts.


Good news, Ashley - We ARE going to be selling the inserts! Hooray!
Those words just made me smile! It's fantastic to see when others see just how comfortable, stylish, and versatile their Ja-Vie's are. Where do you wear your favorite Ja-Vie flats? Let us know & stay tuned for the next Ja-Vie Gal interview!

Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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