What They're Saying About Ja-Vie!

Hey Gals! I know you lovely ladies listen to what I have to say about the amazing Ja-Vie ballet flats, but this week I'm giving some others a chance to speak! I love hearing everyone's thoughts, reviews, and sweet words about how much you all love their Ja-Vie flats - so I've put together a little collection so you can see what all the hype is about, because the hype is REAL! 

Momma’s Bacon:

"Ja-vies are not only comfy, they are practical for moms!  The Ja-vie flats insoles provide excellent arch, ball and heel support and, since I took extra special time looking at the referenced sizing chart, the flats fit like a glove.  The other awesome thing I found out very quickly is that the flats are also machine washable.  That’s right!  All those trips to the parks and playgrounds can make your standard flats look, well, flat pretty quickly.  To wash, simply remove the leather insoles and place shoes in a laundry bag. Only wash on the cold water setting in your laundry machine and make sure to let them hang dry.  Re-insert the insoles and your shoes are good to go!"

Born 2 Impress:

"Ja-Vie are stylish and trendy flats that are also very comfortable. Ja-Vie shoes are made of patent-pending technology. These shoes combine super soft double-ply mercerized cotton knit “sock” with a very lightweight jelly outsoles and cushioned leather insoles that make these flats one of a kind. "

Fashion 360 Mag:

"I absolutely loved the Ja-Vie flats that were surprisingly comfortable to jog and do exercises in (lots of activewear surprises on this shoot!) These flats come in many different colors and prints, as well as the basic palette of black and nude. My favorite is the Gingham print: very trendy checkers in several colors. The cute design allows for these activewear flats to be paired with a casual summer outfit for a day out on the town, not just a jog in the park. Besides a very wearable look, these shoes are incredibly comfortable: the leather insole is shaped perfectly to provide necessary arch support, while the outsole is very flexile and slip resistant. They are also very light and bendable: perfect to put in your purse for changing out of those high heels at the end of the day! For comfort and style, I would give Ja-Vie Flats two thumbs up." 


Style Waltz:

"These shoes are as comfortable as they look. With a jelly lining on the outside that makes these flats super flexible and water proof to the leather lining on the inside that is ultra padded these shoes will be my go to shoe during the summer months."

Mommy Scene:

"I love how I can wear these shoes with tons of different outfits. They coordinate perfectly with jeans, skirs, dresses, beachware — you name it. They would make beautiful bridesmaid shoes for a chic wedding or casual wear for a beach party; they are that versatile! I love having a pop of color on my feet, that doesn't limit what I can wear!"

@elementaryteacherfiles on Instagram:

“amazingly comfortable with a supportive sole, not to mention ridiculously chic for the mom on the go!" 

& Elementary School Files Blog:

“To share another tidbit about the fabulousness of Ja-Vie flats, I decided to test them out on a 2 mile stroll with nugget last week.  Guess what?!  Super comfy, no blisters, no backaches the following day, and I was able to stroll in style!  Another fun, "who knew" about why EVERY teacher and mom needs at least one pair.” 

@cachedechloe on Instagram:

"Most comfortable flats I've EVER worn!! Cost-friendly and cheerful."

These ladies have made my heart sing! It makes me jump for joy to see that others definitely know what Ja-Vie is all about: comfort, style, & versatility - all at an amazing price point.


That Ja-Vie Girl

Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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