The Style of Comfort with Ja-Vie

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As a busy working woman with a never ending to-do list, I know how important it is to keep comfort a part of my daily ensemble, while still not wanting to lose my stylish edge. I never want to lose the element of style just because I also want to wear something that feels good. I’m sure you ladies can agree with me, am I right?!

While comfort & style are two words often not paired together, Ja-Vie has successfully combined both (along with so many other amazing features) and keep my feet looking AND feeling great all day long. So whether I’m chasing the dog down the street or making my commute to the office, I know I’m in good hands (or feet, ha!).

I see so many women who trudge to work in old bulky sneakers, to then change into a pair of ballet flats when they get to the office. But aren’t ballet flats supposed to be comfortable? And durable? And versatile? And that’s exactly why I love my Ja-Vie’s – not only are they uber comfy with arch and ball support, flexible with their jelly shell, and totally washable, but they’re a beautiful shoe that I’m proud to wear (especially my shimmer pair, obvi!).

Ever forgot to pack an extra pair of clothes & shoes to be able to run right to dinner from the office or straight to meet your hubby for drinks after running errands? I’ve been there! That’s how I learned my lesson long ago and only wear items that can be taken from day straight into nighttime. The Ja-Vie Black Cap and Nude Beige Flats are my favorite item to do this with because they’re super chic for the office and so fun when combined with a pair of black skinnies for a girl’s dinner in the city. Did I mention they match everything? They do!

Ja-Vie’s are so perfect for even the busiest woman! While combining style and comfort are excellent, their other features are just as amazing. I’d love to hear how you wear your Ja-Vie’s and what makes them so comfortable to you! 


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Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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