The Perfect Picnic

August is National Picnic Month (and that’s right around the corner!), so we’re here to help you make picnic perfection! Who doesn’t dream of a leisurely day spent enjoying some fresh fruit and artisan cheese sprawled out in your Ja-Vie ballet flats on a blanket under the warm sun? We know we do! Of course you can just go and throw anything in your picnic basket, but follow our checklist if you want to know what exactly makes Ja-Vie’s perfect picnic.

The blanket:

Depending on how many might be attending your perfect picnic, pack enough blankets accordingly – the bigger the better. A regular old beach towel won’t due in this instance, unless it’s just a picnic for one.

The basket:

Whether you’re packing a light or heavy picnic, you definitely need something to carry all the goods! You don’t have to buy a pricey basket, but the sturdier the better. Tote bags and backpacks might also do the trick. Throw some ice packs in there to keep all your items at a safe and cool temperature.


Alongside the necessary H2O, pack some of your favorites that you don’t get to enjoy every day. Love your local grocer’s special selection of craft soda? Now’s the time to pick some up! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not make some infused water with cucumber and basil? Yum!


Light snacks or a full meal? That’s up to you! Whenever we at Ja-Vie think of a picnic, we can’t help but dream of pasta salad, fruit salad, some delicious sandwiches, & a fresh mozzarella caprese salad. Your perfect picnic food should be shareable so everyone can enjoy together. Don’t forget the dessert!


Don’t forget to pack your plates, napkins, silverware, cups, and serving utensils - It would be difficult to eat that pasta salad without a fork!

Bonus items:

To make your perfect picnic complete, don’t leave home without your favorite condiments (hot sauce on your sandwich, anyone?), & your trash and recycle bags to clean up afterward.

What’s your favorite picnic item?


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