Top Summer Travel Destinations

The best part about summer? Vacation, obvi! Today we’re talking destinations for the ultimate summer vacation. From staycation to lands afar, Ja-Vie’s vacation picks are sure to give you the travel bug!

Hamptons, New York:

Quintessential New York summers are spent in the Hamptons. Who can complain, though? Beaches, delicious food, & friends - that sounds like a summer trifecta to us! Kick back in your lounge chair, grab a watermelon ‘rita, open your new can’t-put-it-down book, and put your Ja-Vie dressed feet up (we're imagining Hibiscus Gingham!) - ahhh relaxation. Hamptons might possibly be our idea of heaven, agreed?

Florence, Italy:

Oh Florence, how we love you and your gorgeous summers. While you definitely won’t be the only tourist in town, Italy has a way of making you feel like it’s yours and yours alone. Florence has endless sights to see and endless dishes to try - and we can’t forget about that delicious Tuscan wine. We dream of the Duomo, such a beauty! You’ll never regret spending your days strolling the cobblestone streets and indulging in the best gelato. Frolick around Florence in your stylin' True Red Flats (to match that wonderful wine!) Ja-Vie flats and put your best foot forward.

San Diego, California:  

The east coast is gorgeous & so versatile (like Ja-Vie, wouldn't you say?) Since the weather can’t be beat, pretty much year-round, California is perfect for a summer getaway. San Diego is fabulous. Home to some magnificent Mexican cuisine, distinguishable views, and an undeniable Cali vibe; San Diego definitely makes our list of summer faves! We can feel the California sunshine as we picture ourselves hiking to the beach in our bright & bold Parrot Green & Gold flats! 

While it’s tough to narrow down our favorite destinations for summer travel, these top three will forever be our summer go-tos! The Hamptons, Florence, & San Diego all have a different feel to them and you’ll definitely have to add them to your bucket list. Let us know if you agree & where you might be headed to this summer!


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