Why I Love Ja-Vie!

Raise your hand if you also consider yourself Ja-Vie’s #1 fan!

I knew I wasn’t the only one! But for all you gals out there who don’t really know (yet) what these amazing flats are all about, I’m about to give you the lowdown! We’re going to discuss Ja-Vie’s from heel to toe (literally) and what makes them my go-to shoe that can be worn from day to night and through the seasons.


Comfort is key for a working gal like me. I’m on the go 24/7 and if I didn’t have my Ja-Vie’s to get me through, I’d be begging for more hours in the day! Ja-Vie Flats provide the most comfy cushioned insoles that support not only the arches of our feet, but the ball and heel too! Trifecta!

Better than Bare Feet:

Ja-Vie was designed to stand out with a comfort factor. These revolutionary flats begin with a soft cotton sock that is breathable and forms to your foot! A jelly outsole is then injected over the sock, which ultimately means that the only thing that touches your little piggies is a the soft cotton sock. Virtually blister-free wear! Woohoo!


Comfort is one thing. But to be comfortable AND practical? That’s a winning combination! Ja-Vie’s are machine-washable. Yes, you read that correctly! You can actually wash them in your washing machine! They’re also weather resistant. Live where it’s constantly raining? No problem. Live where it snows? No problem! Commuter? No problem. Wear these babies to work before it’s time to put the killer heels on! The perfect shoe for the woman on the go.


I get asked so frequently when I have my Ja-Vie’s on, “What kind of flats are those?!” These flats come in over 30 different prints, colors and patterns, so there is truly something for every gal out there. I love the new Spring Collection for the new approaching season as well as the shimmery styles for a night out on the town or date night. Versatility is always in style.

As you can see, Ja-Vie is way more than just another ballet flat. They offer so much! How do you wear your Ja-Vie’s?


That Ja-Vie Girl

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