True Life: I'm a Ja-Vie Gal!

We absolutely adore our Ja-Vie Gals! Dr. Pamela Steiger, who goes by 'Dr. Pam,' is an orthodontist in Boca Raton, Florida and a real life, tried & true, Ja-Vie Gal! Since she is one of our best customers, a girl on the go like most of us, and gets daily use out of her Ja-Vie Flats, we figured we would ask her why she is such a fan for life! Read on to see what she has to say about her favorite shoes.

Where is your favorite place or what is your favorite activity to wear your Ja-Vie’s for? 

My favorite thing about my Ja-Vie's is their versatility! They are my go-to shoes for working, errands/shopping, walking my dogs, going out to dinner.. the list goes on and on!

What made you choose Ja-Vie?

I have a few friends who love their Ja-Vie's. I have always been in search of a super cute and comfy flat that I can wear to work that doesn't hurt my feet by the end of the day. One day I tried a pair on and I realized why my friends love them so much. I immediately ordered 3 pairs and I am officially obsessed! If I am not wearing them, I almost always have them in my purse to change into. 

In your opinion, what makes your Ja-Vie Flats different from the other shoes that you own and what's your favorite pair?

Ja-vie flats are extremely comfortable and flattering on my feet. Most of my other flats do not have the support and I end up with blisters and soreness after a long day's work. I can wear these shoes from the minute I leave my house until I am ready to go to sleep. I have never been able to say that before! My favorite pair is the shimmering gold. I can dress them up and down easily -- they are a great wardrobe staple!

What print or pattern would you love to see?

I would love for Ja-Vie to come out with a pair that matches my logo! A "Tiffany Blue" version, or as I like to call "Dr. Pam Blue."

What do YOU want to see next from Ja-Vie? Let us know!


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Ja-Vie Girl
Ja-Vie Girl


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